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"Sally understood her Facilitator's role not just as running a 3-day show, but engaged with the programme team to an extent I had never experienced before. Thus she became part of our team and contributed some of the most valuable ideas that made the European Sustainable Cities & Towns Conference in Bilbao most inspiring for the almost 1000 participants"
Stefan Kuhn, Deputy Regional Director, ICLEI Europe
"I was very impressed by Sally’s ability to pull the best out of diverse, sometimes even contradictory expert inputs in the URBACT mobility workstream. I am very proud to have been part of the team led by her and the innovative workshops and reports we produced.  "
Anette Enemark, Tetraplan, Copenhagen
"I was fortunate to have Sally on my team of experts capitalising knowledge on sustainable urban development and designing and delivering compelling events. Beyond being exceptionally professional in the planning and delivery of projects, Sally is superb at moderating group discussions and chairing high level panels. She is a fantastic team player: sensitive to group dynamics, committed and inspirational"
Melody Houk, Projects and Capitalisation Manager, URBACT, Paris
"Sally is an excellent moderator for the Cities Forum.  She is able to connect what has been said back to the main topic and has the ability to summarise the main messages at the same time. She knows when to give a speaker a bit more time or when to interrupt and she does this in a polite friendly way. The speakers feel at ease when she is moderating. Before the Cities Forum 2020 she came with helpful suggestions and concrete contributions which is very valuable as well."
Fiona Wieland, European Commission
"Sally’s skills as a meeting organizer, facilitator and knowledge manager take (EU) networks to another level of effectiveness. She and her reports are inspiring and she is great speaker too; you can depend on her, and it is always a pleasure to work together."
Robert Stussi, International Mobility Expert. Past President, World EV Association
"Sally's work was outstanding. She displayed professional integrity, commitment and sensitivity to the client group of recovering addicts at all times. This was very much reflected in the quality of the materials she produced for us."
Barbara Cala Lesina, Service Manager, Turning Point ACAPS
"Sally has demonstrated an outstanding professional approach assisting Lisbon in promoting an E-Mobility strategy. Her knowledge of European programmes combined with her skills as a meeting organizer, facilitator and project promoter were essential in achieving our goals."
Tiago Farias, former Vice-President of EMEL and Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon
"Sally has provided invaluable support and guidance to the Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe network. Her knowledge of European programmes and policy is immense, which combined with her professional, yet approachable manner, has made Sally a pleasure to work with."
Matthew Noon, Project Manager, Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe
"Sally's commitment and leadership skills are outstanding. Sally is passionate about the work and is the kind of person that gets the best out of you."
Daniel Vega Villar, ECOMove, Denmark
"Sally she has helped us with publishing strategy, recruitment and team building. We will continue to use her expertise to support our work."
Leen Petre, Principal Manager, Media and Culture, Royal National Institute of the Blind
"Sally delivered an impressive speech at our event “Szenario 2030- Mobiliät ohne Öl”, and created the basis for a constructive debate on the new forms of urban mobility. We received only positive feedback about her lecture."
Eva Bergauer, Director, Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry
"What an unique approach for our French way of thinking ! The interactive workshop facilitated by Sally on “sustainable mobility in business parks” was much appreciated and so productive in taking our work forward."
Adrien SAVARY – Idéa 35 – Brittany Region - France
"Sally and her team demonstrated a truly professional and pragmatic approach to assisting our 7 European partners to deliver policy recommendations. The road maps for low carbon economic growth have been the inspiration to embed the results into regional strategies."
Janet Borgers, SEEDA, (South East England Development Agency)

Aurora Knowledge Capital trading as Kneeshaw Consulting

Telephone: +44 (0)7984 935681

Kneeshaw Consulting has over 25 years experience in the public, private and non profit sectors. Major assignments include:

  • URBACT Programme Expert and Gender Equal Cities Lead
  • Consultant Advisor, London Borough of Lambeth Creative and Digital Industries Growth Strategy
  • Urban Expert, European Commission
  • Lead Expert of the Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe network
  • Panelist and contributor, Women of the World Festival
  • Facilitator and curator of large scale international conferences and festivals: URBACT City Festival and European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns
  • Authoring of numerous reports on subjects from Diversity to Governance
  • Coordination of the start up phase of the European Disability Forum
  • Leadership of European Parliamentary campaign strategy

Kneeshaw Consulting focuses on:

  • Connecting cities, sectors, stakeholders, professionals and ideas
  • Creating experiences that stimulate interaction, reflection, and participation and which lead to shared solutions to common challenges
  • Producing tailored, informative results
  • Delivering better impact through constructive collaborations.

Kneeshaw Consulting is supported by long term associates in a range of disciplines and works in close cooperation with  Aurora European Services.