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Committee of the Regions Webinar: Gender Parity in local politics

Friday May 29 1500CET

Webinar: Women’s Liberty and Safety in Public Space

May 25th 1300 CET

Vaasa, Finland

Internet of Things City Network Meeting

Brussels, 4-5 February

Gendered Landscape City Network meeting

Porto, 30-31 January

Cities Forum 2020, Conference moderation

New York, 7 November

'Gender Equal Cities' Project for Public Spaces Speaker Series

Nudging is not enough?

Recycling cans bottles and paper

Recent research by UK government department DEFRA suggests that ‘nudging’ -trying to persuade citizens to change behaviour- may be less effective than forcing the changes by altering services. The government statistics for recycling show that most of the 10 councils with the biggest increase in recycling in the past year were the ones that had reduced the waste collection from weekly to fortnightly. So general waste, as well as separate recycled food and waste, was removed every two weeks instead of every week. Although this is an unpopular measure, it is one that is likely to be introduced by more local authorities as budget cuts hit deeper. And perhaps, having less room to put rubbish in the bin, forces people to recycle more. Food for thought for policymakers trying to alter mindsets to encourage more resource efficient, and carbon reducing behaviours.


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